From zero to Big Data in less than 1 hour

You will be a big data wizard before you know it

Your BigBoards Cluster

Your BigBoards device is a portable micro-cluster that sits on your desk! But beware: its sleek design hides a full-blown data center - right at your fingertips! Fully pre-assembled by us, so you can concentrate, not on the hardware, but on your data.

Your Hex or Cube is by far the most productive learning and development platform for Big Data. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3 ...

1. Connect power and network

To boot your BigBoards cluster, you have to plug it into a wall outlet and hook it up to your network.

2. Browse to integrated tools

Our integrated tools help you to manage and monitor your BigBoards cluster from our dashboards!

3. Install any big data technology

The BigBoards appstore contains pre-packaged technologies, datasets and tutorials. Apps are downloaded, installed and configured within minutes, so you can simply run your distributed programs!

Easily provision any Big Data technology

the Tint Library is like the app store on your smartphone

Click, download and install the tints of your choice

Tints can be Big Data stacks, (open) datasets and tutorials

Tint specific tools and panels integrate with your Hex's dashboards

  • Monitor your Hex
  • Shell for power
  • The Tint Library
  • Add Tint from Git endpoint

The Features

Your BigBoards device is your portable cluster, that sits on your desk! We take care of the infrastructure, the operational management and the provisioning of software, data and tutorials. So you should not worry, but focus on building and testing your Big Data solutions.


Unpack, connect to power and to network, and boot. Our integrated tools allow you to monitor, operate and provision your Hex, so you can access its full potential. Our library is like the app store on your smartphone: download and install any new big data stack by just 1 click

Your BigBoards micro-cluster is the most productive tool to learn, experiment or develop for big data.
You will be up and running in less than 1 hour!

Engage With Us

Our focus is on building products that you love. If you have questions or suggestions for BigBoards, you can start a discussion in our support forum, join us on Slack, develop with us on GitHub and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.