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February 24, 2015
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March 16, 2015
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3rd fact: Big Data? So what? What can it mean to me?

3rd fact about Big Data: what it could mean to you

3rd fact about Big Data: what it could mean to you

Our 1st infographic explained that Big Data is a huge market; the 2nd part in the series tells us that the technology is here to stay. At this point, you are probably thinking that all that techno-babble is really nice for the product vendors and consultants making money out of all this buzz. And you are probably wondering what all this Big Data stuff can mean for you and your organisation.

What could Big Data mean to you?

3rd fact about Big Data: what it could mean to you

3rd fact about Big Data: what it could mean to you

3 points to take away

So a few things stand out from this infographic:

  • The Big Data market is huge for vendors and service suppliers, but the major benefits to reap are at the side of the practioners. That is you too!
  • It is happening all around us. Incumbents and innovators are applying the technologies to gain their competitive advantage. Education is picking up to start forming people in data engineering and data science. Both industrial and structural investors are seeking benefits.
  • The technology is becoming available in such a way that Big Data benefits are attainable for small businesses as well. So size is not an excuse anymore 🙂

“How can I deal with the complexities?”

So, the opportunity is huge, but the risks are high. How can you best deal with these complexities and make your Big Data projects a success?

This is the 3rd article in our InfoGraphic series on the importance of Big Data, what it can mean for you and how to deal with its complexities. Stay tuned for more! 

1st fact: Big Data is a HUGE market!
2nd fact: Big Data is here to stay.
3rd fact: What can Big Data mean to me?

Wim Van Leuven
Wim Van Leuven
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