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March 16, 2015
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March 26, 2015
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The fundamentals of a BigBoards Hex aka day 2 at CeBIT

Spiders at Cebit 2015

Spiders at Cebit 2015

Obviously day 2 at CeBIT should surpass the surprises of day 1, but let’s leave CeBIT for what it is and I’ll tell you a little more about what I learned about a Bigboards Hex.

Let’s recap the fundamental ideas of our product:

  • we want to give starting Big Data developers and Data Scientists an infrastructure so they can easily learn about the various technologies
  • we want to give experienced engineers the possibility to experiment and prototype with several technologies very fast
  • we believe that people need such a platform with the simplicity of an appstore to speed up Data Science or development.

To summarize: a Bigboards’ Hex needs to be easy and instantly gratifying. Now that we got the fundamentals clear, let’s do a deep dive.

Prototype Big Data Use Cases

To us, a Hex is not just an idea, it is our absolute belief that a different future is possible – for the developers, and data experts in general – and that this is a future worth creating for.

We’re not here to invent all of those things, but we’ll do whatever is needed so you can really ‘feel’ it, and be instantly gratified.

  • Kristjan Tamm, CEO of Rentmarket (RentMarket.eu) was looking for a Big Data Cluster to experiment with several technologies.
  • Just like Acenius (acenius.com) , where Elbert-Jan Hennipman, asked a lot of questions on the use of wandboards.
  • Caslav Bozic (www.drbozic.de) saw a lot of possibilities to do some fast research prototyping on the Hex.
  • Simon Poyser of VelocityRDT (velocityrdt.com) reached out to see if their data analytics platform could run on a Bigboards Hex. It would make it easier for them to do some proof-of-concepts for their customers.
  • A lot of data is available to protoype use-cases at RobServer (robserver.eu)
  • Felix Scheffler (alexanderthamm.com) was wondering if the Hex is the ideal experimentation box to bootstrap his team into hands-on analytics at scale.

CebitSpeed up Data Science

Everyone can create his own tints (installable software packages in our store) and, by sharing them, create a more powerful and more diverse big data ecosystem.

  • We even had a System Administrator of ROSEN Technology (rosen-group.com) thinking of a BigBoards Hex in a pre-production phase. This would make it easier for him to avoid several re-installs of Hadoop and other flavors to fullfil the needs of a Data Visualist.
  • UPS Servis (www.upsserv.cz), a Czech Company, and SolveraLynx (solvera-lynx.com), a Slovenian company, looking for a Data Science platform to analyze data from Smart Meters. 

Learn Big Data and Data Science Technologies

We have no illusions, our project is profoundly complex and pinned with challenges. But the goal is extreme usability including the library with all its tints.

  • To quote Christopher Horn from Know-Center (http://www.know-center.at) : “extremely interesting. We have a lot of possibilities at ours.”
  • And things are going fast. Jundun (http://jundun.biz) a Chinese company showed interest in manufacturing and distributing our product in China!

Getting back to CeBIT, the fair: we were mentioned for the first time in a German tweet!

… was für eine schöne Sprache

Jackie Janssen
Jackie Janssen
Proud partner of Bigboards! Passionate about doing whatever it takes to make individuals and organizations excel. I will make sure that your t's are crossed and your i's are dotted, and that you aren't blind-sided by day-to-day issues. I keep your focus on your core business priorities, knowing that we both believe that your own passion is the easiest way to develop a successful business. That’s why my personal goal is to help individuals and organizations in their development. I combine fun, improvement and inspiration to achieve results. I enjoy supporting individuals and organizations by sharing knowledge. Combining my passion for ICT with my enthusiasm for professional development and entrepreneurial management created a lot of opportunities for myself and the people around me. I love my job and feel blessed to have the opportunity to blend my outside interests into my career. As a public speaker and entertrainer I love to twist the minds of my audience.

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  1. Proquotient says:

    This is quite an interesting project which can teach you a lot about servers and big data . Good points made on reducing the need to reinstall Hadoop often , that can take a lot of useful time to deploy so reducing the need to reinstall it often is a good decision. Thanks for sharing this project , hope to see more like this in the future.

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