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CeBIT 2016 – Day 3 (16 March 2016)
March 17, 2016
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March 24, 2016
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CeBIT 2016 – Day 4 (17 March 2016)

Making a customer, not a sale

Making a customer, not a sale

Thursday, day 4 at CeBIT 2016. We noticed that the stream of visitors is slowing down as the fair nears its end. However, some very, very interesting business contacts were still made, e.g. Deutsche Bahn and Schaeffler. We can only hope to do business with them very soon!

Customer’s visit

The highlight of the day, was however the visit of Prof. Dr. Sigurd Schacht and DI Dr. Robert Ginthör at our boot. They work for Hochschule Heilbronn and Know-Center Graz respectively, which became BigBoards customers through CeBIT last year!

Know-Center Graz owns 2 Hexes already: Case is a regular Hex and Maelcum is an nHex i3. Know-Center is Austria’s leading research center for data-driven business and big data analytics. They apply the Hexes for just that!

In the mean time Sigurd and his team are the proud owner of 3 Hexes: Bratac and Tealc are Hexes; Vala an nHex i5!  Sigurd teaches at the Hochschule Heilbronn and researches governance, risk and compliance, ánd process mining. In his research he uses the Hexes a.o. for fraud analytics.

It appears to be a strange coincidence, but 3 potential customers (big international companies!) contacted us the last few months to use the Hexes in this exact field … 1 of them by introduction of Sigurd! We gave the Professor 2 x 4-packs of Belgium beers as a big-thank-you present! Unfortunately, Sigurd had to leave CeBIT to catch his train, so we even forgot to take a picture with the beers 🙁

Raffle #4

The companies that employed today’s winners are

  • Alfatec group is a product and services company helping their customers to better manager their data and turn them into insights.
  • Know-Center Graz is Austria’s leading research center for data-driven business and big data analytics.
  • An independent interim manager.
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