April 15, 2016
Starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?"

The BigBoards Fabric, a major milestone

On April 1st 2016, BigBoards released the BigBoards Fabric as open source operating system to manage big data clusters. The Fabric is the cornerstone to manage the BigBoards Hex devices. But the Fabric also opens the door to manage big data clusters on physical servers in your own datacenter or on virtual servers that you rent from your cloud provider. All these resources will be integrated in our central management platform, the BigBoards Hive.
May 19, 2015
Strata + Hadoop World - London 2015

BigBoards wins the audience vote at Strata + Hadoop World – London 2015

BigBoards won the audience vote during the Startup Showcase at Strata + Hadoop World – London 2015, the leading Big Data event of the year. Together […]
March 16, 2015

A bigboards Hex, what is it?!

Approximately 10 months ago I had two visitors, Daan and Wim, talking about their device. Today I talked to hundreds. A 3D-printed hexagon filled with some […]
March 11, 2015
3rd fact about Big Data: what it could mean to you

3rd fact: Big Data? So what? What can it mean to me?

Our 1st infographic explained that Big Data is a huge market; the 2nd part in the series tells us that the technology is here to stay. At […]