Privacy Policy

Bigboards is committed to respecting the privacy of all customers. We will ensure the privacy of all users who visit our website, use our services, and use any other software application provided by Bigboards at all costs. This privacy policy is published to inform potential users of our commitment to fair practices and to provide them with the protection of their privacy rights.

Please note that this Privacy Policy only applies to our Service and does not apply to any services or websites offered by third-party websites. The policies for other websites may differ from this one in terms of data storage, use practices, and data collection.

The Privacy Policy will only apply to the personal information you provide or reveal to us. Additionally, the policy will apply to any information we collect from you as part of our services and delivery. The policy does not relate to information available on the public record and accessible by any other individual through this Service.

By agreeing to use our Service, you agree to and understand that you have read this document and are bound by this Privacy Policy and the separate Terms and Conditions document provided by Bigboards. 

If you do not agree with or do not understand any of the terms or policies in this document, you should immediately stop accessing or using our Service.

Alterations and Updates to Privacy Policy

Every time you access or use our Service, the updated and current version of the Privacy Policy will be applicable. We recommend that you regularly check for changes in this Privacy Policy to see if anything new may affect you. 

You can check the date of the policy to see if there have been any changes or updates since you last used the Service or viewed the policy.

Although most changes are minor, Bigboards reserves the right to add, update, change, or modify the content of this Privacy Policy at any time without providing prior notice.

We will post a new version on the page for you and other users to access. All updates, changes, and additions will be effective after posting them. We ensure that all revised Privacy Policies will only apply to data collected after the changes and not to data collected before it.

Children's Privacy

Bigboards does not intend to gather data from children under 13. If we discover that our database contains information on minors under 13, Bigboards will immediately delete all such data. 

We have a clear policy against gathering data from children under 13, and we will not use or disclose this data to third parties.

Our Privacy Policy has been designed to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which sets the standard for protecting minors on the internet.

Methodology for Gathering Information

Bigboards will follow the data collection methods outlined below:

Traffic Data

Like many application handlers and websites, Bigboards automatically captures the following data from web browsers used by users:

Please note that traffic data is usually anonymous and is not collected to identify you or your browsing patterns.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files placed on your system by websites to track specific actions you take, such as emails you open. They can store various information on your system, which is automatically sent back to the website when you interact with it.

Cookies serve the purpose of identifying users and their behavior on the internet as unique users. 

At Bigboards, we use two types of cookies: third-party cookies and first-party cookies.

First-Party Cookies

Bigboards uses first-party cookies, such as the Google Analytics Cookie, for the following general purposes:

You can refuse cookies if you don't want any first-party or third-party cookies to be sent to your website. You can easily set your web browsers to deny all cookies. However, we must warn you that our Service may not perform optimally without cookies, and you will assume full responsibility for any resulting loss in functionality.

Third-Party Cookies

Bigboards may advertise its offerings on other third-party websites after you have visited our Service. We, along with our third-party marketing partners, including Google, may use first-party cookies, such as Google Analytics, third-party cookies, such as the DoubleClick cookie, and other beacons across multiple platforms to inform, serve, and optimize our advertisements to you based on how you use our Service.

Information Gathering by Third Parties

Third parties may use cookies or web beacons on your computer or mobile device to monitor usage. They may collect your IP address and log all data related to your daily traffic to collect and deliver activity data.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a premier analytical tool developed by Google to help website and app owners understand their visitors. The tool may use cookies to collect information and record statistics about visitor behavior to gather data on website traffic by different demographics. Bigboards actively uses Google Analytics on our website to generate data.

Choosing Against Third-Party Cookies

You can opt out of using Google cookies on the settings page for Google Ads. You can also customize your preferences to control the type of cookies you want to use on the settings page. You can also turn off Facebook cookies by making the appropriate adjustments. Visit this page to find out more about controlling or deleting cookies.

Social Logins

Bigboards may require log in credentials for some of its websites or services to function. For example, a user may choose to provide third-party login credentials (such as "Login with Facebook" or "Log in with Google") to private syndicate content from third-party social networks and websites.

In this case, the third-party login credentials will be stored until the user disables private content syndication from these third-party social networks and websites.

This information will be deleted within a reasonable period following the termination of these syndication services. We collect and use only the ID, name, and email supplied. We do not collect other information from this social login. This information is used strictly for user identification with the website or services. 

We do not display, sell, or share this information. As the information is used solely for user identification, the only way to remove it is to contact us by email at [email protected]. Rest assured that all third-party login credentials are stored with the strictest security standards.

Personally Identifiable Information

Bigboards may require certain personal identification information to allow you to use our services and have a good experience. The personal data requested by Bigboards may include the following:

In all of these cases, we will ask you for this information at your discretion, without any pressure. Bigboards may also complement the information you provide with data from other websites or public sources for further clarity. 

You are not legally or personally obliged to provide us with your details, but refusing to do so may limit your access to certain features of our Service.

Bigboards will collect the following specific information for generating your data:

Public Information

This Service may contain features that allow you to post, display, transmit, or upload personal information online. Any personal information you disclose to others is considered public information, and Bigboards will no longer have control over it.

Be cautious when sharing personal information on this and other services. However, if you share your personal information publicly, you assume full responsibility for it.

Practices for Using and Disclosing Information

Bigboards uses data collected from cookies and traffic to improve the user experience for customers. We also analyze consumer habits and trends to understand how people use our Service. With this information, we can better tailor our offerings to your preferences and generate more relevant content.

Bigboards may also periodically disclose trends generated from this data in the form of a published report, identifying usage patterns of users and how we are working to improve our offerings based on that. However, we do not intend to link this published data from cookies with your personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information for Services

Bigboards may disclose personal information to vendors who assist in providing services. These vendors include stakeholders who help with administrative, data processing, and technical tasks such as billing, hosting, security, data storage, and fulfilment.

Personal Data

Bigboards uses the contact, and financial information users provide to communicate information about their service offerings and initiate billing. They also reserve the right to use demographic data to customize the user experience. Additionally, Bigboards may use data from third-party social media platforms following their privacy policy.

Business Transfers and Bankruptcy

In the event of an acquisition, merger, sale of assets, or bankruptcy, Bigboards may transfer all personal information it holds to another organization. The use and disclosure of the data transferred will be subject to this Privacy Policy or any other policy in place at the successor organization.

The personal information collected by the successor organization will be subject to their updated policy.

Consent for Receiving Electronic Communication 

By registering for the Service and providing contact information such as your email, postal address, name, and phone number, you consent to receive electronic and postal communications from Bigboards. 

These communications may include offers for new products, promotions, and other important information. You can unsubscribe from these communications by submitting a written request through the contact us form or following the unsubscribe instructions provided in each communication. 

To Protect Rights

Bigboards may disclose personal information in response to legal requests, such as court orders or subpoenas. Additionally, Bigboards may disclose this information if it believes it is necessary to protect the rights of the company and the public.

Third-Party Websites

Bigboards does not control or own any third-party websites, and they are not obligated to follow or comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy, except in regards to the information provided by Bigboards. It is essential to consider your privacy when providing personal information to third-party websites and take necessary steps to protect it.

Security of Personal Information 

At Bigboards, we prioritize the security of your personal information. We have implemented commercially reasonable security measures to protect against unauthorized access, destruction, alteration, disclosure, or use of your personal information. 

However, due to data security and the current digital landscape, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized parties will not access, alter, destroy, or disclose your information.

Lost or Stolen Information 

Please notify us immediately if your credit information, including your username and password, is stolen or used without your permission. We will take steps to remove the card, account information, and all other personal information, including usernames and passwords, from our database.

Ability to Correct or Update Personal Information 

Bigboards aims to maintain accurate and complete information about you at all times. You warrant that all the information you provide to us in connection with your use of the Service is complete, accurate, current, and will be updated as necessary. 

You can access and update your personal information by visiting your profile on the Service. You can review our collected data and make any necessary changes.

Promotional Activities 

Bigboards may run contests and giveaways from time to time. Any information provided in connection with these promotions will be treated by this Privacy Policy. 

Bigboards may also conduct surveys to improve our services and website. Any personal information provided in connection with these surveys will only be used for the survey and no other purpose.

Business Transitions 

In the event of a change of ownership, such as a merger, partnership, debt financing, business reorganization, acquisition, insolvency, bankruptcy, or sale of all company assets, 

Bigboards may transfer personal information under this Privacy Policy. Personal information may be included as part of the transferred assets.