3rd fact about Big Data: what it could mean to you
3rd fact: Big Data? So what? What can it mean to me?
March 11, 2015
Spiders at Cebit 2015
The fundamentals of a BigBoards Hex aka day 2 at CeBIT
March 17, 2015
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A bigboards Hex, what is it?!

Approximately 10 months ago I had two visitors, Daan and Wim, talking about their device. Today I talked to hundreds.

A 3D-printed hexagon filled with some hardware. At least that was what I understood. My first remark was based on a focus on the software side of the product. At my desk we talked about shared values, development, big data and of course: the device. I can’t exactly remember the content, but I remember that at some point they started talking about how the infrastructure and the hex should speed big data development and data science. For 10 months now they claimed “This is it! Big data developers and Data Scientists around the world need this. Why should they spend time on infrastructure?”. In the mean time, I joined the company.

Today it was my first public appearance for Bigboards. We are launching the Hex to the large public at Cebit. The attraction really surprised me. In hall 11 (Scale 11 is Cebit’s hall for all startups) we met hundreds of people. They are really interested, asking questions like “What is this!?”. The answer “This is it! Big Data developers around the world need it.” was not sufficient. I started experimenting my own pitch. “it’s a personal data center”. Some understood, some did not. Adding things like “You can easily provision it with tints, like the app store on your smartphone. These are all Big Data development platforms, like Hadoop or Spark or ElasticSearch.”. Some recognized their personal struggle with infrastructure set-up, some did not.

Bigboards @ CeBITSo let’s start listening to the use cases the visitors gave us:

  • IT-event (http://it-event.com) a renting company for IT equipment thinking of a Hex as a different “server”. The spider-Hex really attracted a lot of folks.
  • In Dutch we started talking to “Scholen aan Zee”. A discussion on the use of Big Data Technologies for profiling students, but also on a Hex as a learning platform. A bit like we are doing for Thomas Moore in Belgium. To be honest: the Bigboards’ hex and its software tints are the perfect platform to educate and experiment with a lot of technologies. Cheaper than a MacBook.
  • Ledger Wallet (https://www.ledgerwallet.com) asking for a Bitcoin Miner tint. Hmmm … not really our goal.
  • Or can you image the Flume and Hadoop set-up of Looqi (http://www.looqi.com) running on your Hex. You can always keep track of your loved ones without compromising your privacy.

Apart from our own product I discovered some nice technology start-ups:

  • the guys from JLUPIN (http://www.jlupin.org) amazed me with their look on java servers and managing software versions
  • Or a real data (infrastructure) architect claiming to have testing methodologies to crash an HDFS store or ElasticSearch Cluster. His company is Kore Kontrol (http://korekontrol.eu).
  • Or the researchers that were looking to combine public cloud solutions with on-premise Hadoop clusters for break-out elasticity.

To summarize … a good feeling about this first public launch event.

Jackie Janssen
Jackie Janssen
Proud partner of Bigboards! Passionate about doing whatever it takes to make individuals and organizations excel. I will make sure that your t's are crossed and your i's are dotted, and that you aren't blind-sided by day-to-day issues. I keep your focus on your core business priorities, knowing that we both believe that your own passion is the easiest way to develop a successful business. That’s why my personal goal is to help individuals and organizations in their development. I combine fun, improvement and inspiration to achieve results. I enjoy supporting individuals and organizations by sharing knowledge. Combining my passion for ICT with my enthusiasm for professional development and entrepreneurial management created a lot of opportunities for myself and the people around me. I love my job and feel blessed to have the opportunity to blend my outside interests into my career. As a public speaker and entertrainer I love to twist the minds of my audience.

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  1. Proquotient says:

    It is really great to see highly innovative technologies such as these which can help make big data more easier and faster to manage. Thank you for sharing a bit of the background behind this very interesting project , we would love to see more about this in the future as well. Thank you for sharing this!

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