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What to expect

Bigboards prides itself on being the fastest and most accurate public records search engine in the world...
and it’s free!

Bigboards aggregates billions of public records to organize the nation’s information and help you find what you’re looking for.

A quick search will give you the most complete collection of information on old friends, new family, coworkers and anyone you are curious about.

Why trust Bigboards?

It’s Free

We want to make sure you find the right person, so searches are always free.

It’s Accurate

Our new machine-learning aggregator technology combines related records in a more meaningful way than the original records.

It’s Big

We’ve included more data from state and federal resources than ever before because we want to be sure you find what you need.

What you’ll find?

Phone numbers

Current mobile and landline numbers for both individuals and their families mean you learn everything possible the first time.

Full names & addresses

Up-to-date addresses for every person in our data means you can be sure you have found the right person.

Court records

Detailed civil and criminal records spanning the past 20 years whenever they exist.